Hilariously Terrified Man Coaxes Owl Out Of His Kitchen

StoryfulPublished: March 29, 201718 views
Published: March 29, 2017

This is yet another video of animal rescue, but stay tuned and go nowhere – this is a story where we are not quite sure who rescues whom, is it the guy that recurred the bird by letting it out of his house or was it the bird that rescued this terrified man by simply leaving? Watch the video to find out more!

Don't you just hate it when you came back home and hope for a peaceful night on your sofa but all you get is sheer terror, Hitchcock style! Colton Wright was relaxing at home one June night in 2014, when he realized that he is not home alone. There, in the kitchen, clambering the blinds, Colton saw he received an unexpected and unwelcome visitor - an owl. Naturally, Wright was a little terrified. On the other hand, the bird wasn’t in the least bit intimidated by the human presence, quite the contrary, in fact. Colton screamed his kitchen down in sheer terror a couple times, especially when the owl flew off the blinds, toward the ceiling. Eventually, Wright was able to control the situation by using a Swiffer to coax the owl out of the kitchen. The owl was perched on the cleaning item as he was dropping it toward the open ledge. The entire ordeal lasted 40 minutes in real time, but judging from Colton’s reaction, we can only presume it lasted an eternity for him. He uploaded the video on YouTube and it has been seen over six million times.

We find that of the entire crazy video, the funniest moment is when Colton Wright said: "Oh, it's ok. Please don't give me that look. Oh, Jesus Christ!" Such a small creature giving a grown man such a scare. You wonder!

Owls settle close to people: they live in the attics, in the gardens, and even at the cemeteries and live a quiet, withdrawn life. They are night birds so we do not get the chance to see them very often. Owls are very curious. At night, they can look into the lit window and observe what is happening inside. And if a belated traveler appears on its territory, the owner will necessarily fly out to meet him. Because of this curiosity, and even for their call similar to crying, people are afraid of the little harmless owl. Unlike Colton, there are people in this brave enough to tame owls, and, truth be spoken, owls are not that much of a hard work to tame. They can even get really friendly with people, enjoying our love and company. Take a look at this video of how an owl makes crazy loud noises when being scratched. Listen to the sounds it makes when being scratched on the head. Hilarious!

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