Aurora Australis Colors Shine Bold and Bright Over Tasmania

Storyful Published March 29, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Photographer Daniel Lam almost didn’t make it in time to record the dazzling Aurora Australis as it appeared in bold green and purple colors over Nile, Tasmania, on March 27. “The video was named ‘rush’ because we had to rush to location and set up camera after rushing out of the house after rushing some school project work due soon. It was an adrenaline rushing experience,” Lam said. But he got the shot, with the Southern Lights appearing unusually clearly in what Lam described as “a moment to remember.” The Aurora Australis is created when solar wind and magnetic fields are thrown into space by the sun, carrying particles thatcollide with the earth’s magnetic field and produce energy releases known as auroras.