Cat hates owner's mom, repeatedly attacks her

Published March 28, 2017 163,283 Plays $437.76 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis cat hasn't liked its owner's mother from the very beginning. This hilarious occurrence happens every single time she comes to visit. Therefore, it's clear that Snowflake here needs to be left in another room from now on! Whether the cat is threatened by the woman for invading her space or she is afraid of her because of something the woman has done in the past, this behavior should be stopped and remedied. We just hope that this is a unique situation.

It could be that the feline is actually intent on playing with the woman’s legs, but the “choreography” we see during these three and a half minutes could be an indication of something else. A cat attack can do enough damage to a person to put them in a hospital, so this is not something to entertain.

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Check out this cat that hates its owner's mom.


  • MooseMax, 3 years ago

    Crazy cat, with a crazy eye color (turquoise)

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    • MooseMax, 3 years ago

      I reported you for spamming.

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  • Lexxie, 3 years ago

    I'd attack someone who kept throwing and hitting me, too!! You go, kitty!!

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    • ChrisMc, 3 years ago

      Are you kidding me!? That women was so kind, patient and laughed of the repeated attacks by the cat. The women was just trying to protect herself and I think she was very gentle considering the cat kept scratching and biting her! I can't believe you said that!!!!

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  • fortheanimals, 3 years ago

    This is not the least bit funny. This kind of response or "training" is why thousands of cats are put down every year due to "behaviour problems". It's a sickening reflection of this persons carelessness and disrespect.

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  • MsAngel666, 3 years ago

    Being the owner of 6 cats this cat isn't attacking, it's actually playing, granted it hurts, but the cat would be hissing, spitting, growling and making all sorts of sound of unhappiness. I do believe they know the cat is playing because they are laughing, but like I said it does hurt.

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  • MyaFaire, 3 years ago

    I'd bite the bitch, too. She was probably a lousy mother, and the cat senses it.

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