Welcome to the Looking Glass Media Coalition

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1 month ago
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If you are, or were ever wondering who's behind the platform bringing together so many trusted Independent Alternative media channels into one place.
Meet Wayne and Paul.

Get to know a couple of average guys with intergalactic talents and monumental passion who take immense pride in standing up for common folk against the Globalists. The goal is to bring truth to the people and provide opportunities for other "like minded" Journalists in one place. The kind of place where "John Q Public" can easily access the information they deserve, a place that provides a safe, free of censorship platform for content creators so they can get the reach and support they need to keep doing what may be the most critical work of our times.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know us! We hope you find our platforms and channels as valuable as we do as we keep working hard to gather more of the best there is to offer in the free speech space. This is only the beginning, we look forward to being the light people see in these dark times!

Thank you from the team at https://LGM.news

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