Golf Ball Falls Victim Of Gator On Florida Course

Storyful Published March 27, 2017 10,787 Plays

Rumble - Another day, another gator walks up to golfers on the picturesque golf courses in Florida. That’s right - what looks like a scene from Happy Gilmore, a gator came out of the pond at the golf course in Cape Coral in Florida and obviously pissed off at the golfer for interrupting his tanning session, ate their golf ball!

The gator was obviously fed up of golfers not being able to keep their balls on the fairway. According for FOX4, Daniel McNamara was out golfing with his partner at the Long Marsh golf course at Rotonda Golf & Country Club in Rotonda West, Florida, when they came across on obstacle unlike any other. Unfortunately, they were unable to drop in and get the ball, because they might have had to leave something in pawn. A leg, perhaps?

When Daniel’s partner hit the ball on the thirds hole - or maybe he threw it? - the local resident was not happy, so, just like any other senior citizen being fed up with kids and their balls, the gator snapped his huge jaws open and gulped the tiny white ball like it was a plump chicken breast.

According to our golfers, they had shanked the ball over the green and it rolled right next to the gator. The ball skipped a few bits and hit the gator on the head, which made the huge beast snap at them, roll over to the white ball and grab it with his strong jaws.

He then retreats back into the water, but not before giving the two men a good staredown for being a couple of insolent brats for disrupting his peace. That should teach them some manners!