Meet The 18-Yr-Old Girl That Looks 70 Due To Rare Genetic Disorder - Ontlametse Phalatse

nollygrioPublished: March 25, 2017Updated: March 27, 201743 views
Published: March 25, 2017Updated: March 27, 2017

Ontlametse Phalatse is challenging the medical community and defying the odds one day at a time.

The South African young woman with progeria, a rare accelerated aging disease, has become an inspiration to many people around the world with her positive perspective and sunny personality.

She gave herself the loving nickname “First Lady” because she is the first documented black individual with the genetic condition.

According to the Progeria Research Foundation, there are only two known cases of African children with progeria and Ontlametse is one of them.

Doctors gave her a life expectancy of 13 years, but today at 18, this warrior is proving them all wrong.

After recently graduating high school, she has made it her goal to work in the field of psychology to help people "accept the way that they are".

She wants people to know that she’s not concerned about what people think or say about her but puts her faith in God instead. On a recent Instagram post, she wrote:

“Don’t worry about anything instead pray about everything, tell God your needs and don’t forget to thank him for his answers.
If you do this you will experience God's peace.
-Let it be – Everything is in God’s hands – in everything give thanks.”

You go, girl! You are such an inspiration to everyone out there with a dream!

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