This Marine Sets Up A Secret Proposal For His Girlfriend Before A Long Deployment

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Published: March 23, 2017Updated: March 24, 2017

There is an uncertainty in military service which transcends the battlefield.

Many are damaged both internally and externally. Others are OK, but on the cusp.

That’s why deployment can be so disconcerting. It’s the start of the adventure, and in some cases, a direct line to the conflict at hand.

For many, it’s a time to reflect and ready themselves. For new Marine Noah, however, it is the chance to cement his future.

With a photographer at the ready and the rest of his family in tow, the young service man has only one goal in his mind before hitting the transport to another part of the world.

He wants to make longtime girlfriend Lauren his wife, and he intends to propose right before his long deployment.

The entire thing was videotaped and it’s both a celebration of love and a reminder of what is waiting this newly formed military couple.

The whole event goes off without a hitch. As the video shows, Noah takes a knee and when she turns around, Lauren in initially stunned, then overcome with emotion.

Of course she says “Yes” and for all intents and purposes, the foundation for a happy marriage has been laid.

There’s just the nitpicky bit about Noah heading overseas that’s getting in the way. Still, that is part of the uncertainty we mentioned before.

Not everything in life is set in stone. Noah and Lauren will be husband and wife. The rest is anyone’s guess.

We wish this couple a happy married life.

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