Dog Has A Very Human Way Of Swimming By Doing The Breaststroke

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Published: March 23, 2017

Yellow lab Emma is way past the “doggy paddle.” This adorable and happy pup loves to swim. Every time she has a chance to be in the water, she swims her little heart out. There is something interesting about her swimming though. Have you noticed it yet? Watch the video and see if you can figure it out before we tell you the answer.

Upon playing the video, you will notice that the pup’s owner throws out her ball into the water they have all taken a trip to go visit. Instinctively like any Labrador Retriever should, the dog jumps into the lake and goes after the ball to bring it back to her humans. Watch the way she swims, though. Other than just being plain adorable, there is something odd about the way she physically swims and gets to the ball.

You may notice that Emma, the yellow Labrador Retriever, swims with her legs splaying horizontally. This is very different from the way that a dog will normally swim. The typical swimming technique a dog will use is with all four legs coordinating interchangeably, going forward and backward over and over. One leg goes in front of them, pulls the water back under the dog’s body, and then the other leg does the same. Repeating this motion is where human’s derived the term “doggy paddle” that many people first learn when they are young and new to water.

However, instead of using that typical form of dog swimming, Emma does her own thing! She does the breaststroke. This may possibly be the only dog on the continent that swims in this way! It is especially unusual, and that makes it all the more interesting to watch. There is actually a very good medical reason as to why Emma chooses to swim this way, though. No one taught her how to do it or trained her to swim so that she can share this funny swimming trick with friends and family. This was not an intentionally learned skill.

Emma was born with hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a very difficult condition that many animals will have to deal with during their lifetimes. It is painful and miserable. Since Emma was born with this, she is not able to run like normal dogs. This means that instead of running normally, she bounces or hops like a bunny. It is of course a bit heartbreaking to see animals who are or have become disabled, but it is extraordinary to watch them learn to adapt and thrive. The hip dysplasia also attributes to her being able to swim the breaststroke. The bouncy dog knows no different, and this sweet little dog could not be any happier! She has two parents who love and adore her; she gets to run and play with other animals; she gets to go to the lake with her favorite humans to swim and play whenever she likes. This is one happy little family for sure!

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