Youngster Sings The Blues Like A Pro

StoryfulPublished: March 21, 201713,698 views
Published: March 21, 2017

It must be tough, being born an artist but not being able to express how you feel. Not having the chance to develop an artistic skill can be a killer for the artistic soul and many stray off that path in discouragement. But not this toddler.

See, two-year-old Luca hasn’t had the chance to train his skills yet, but that doesn’t stop him from singing the blues, alongside dad’s acoustic guitar. His dad has a blues band called the Totablues, and his mom also likes to sing. Music is in Luca’s blood and he’s showing that quite admirably.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t take much of a skill to sing the blues. You might need to know something about harmonics and other musical theories, but you can still improvise or wing the lyrics as you feel them. Luca sure is good at improvising; all he has to do is follow dad’s tune on the guitar and he is on the right path. He even knows when to include the harmonica; he has the moves and the hand gestures and everything!

It is so heartwarming to see small children being allowed to pursue some artistic endeavor. Parents that encourage their kids to pursue their dreams, what they feel comfortable at, is quite amazing to see.

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