Baby Elephant Gets Stuck In Mud Fighting Its Way Out

StoryfulPublished: March 21, 201728,104 views
Published: March 21, 2017

The first half of this video is absolutely heartbreaking. However, do not look away! We promise it ends well. Wild Wings Safaris, a safari tourism business which works in southern and east Africa, has shared an adorable video of a poor young elephant struggling to find a way out of the sticky mud. Viewers see the little baby elephant struggling so terribly, and it makes everyone want to help. The problem is though that none of the onlookers could actually do anything.

They are not supposed to interfere in the wildlife for any reason, and they would face grave consequences if they did so. It is so difficult to watch the first half of this video. The baby struggles for quite a long time, and it is very uncomfortable to watch. It is very small, so it could not possibly be more than a few days old. Baby elephants start walking as soon as they are born, but they still appear small and skinny like the one in this video.

The first half of the video shows the little elephant slipping as it repeatedly tries to climb up the small hill. It is probable that the herd of elephants has come to this as a sort of waterhole. Where the larger elephants would have no problem leaning down and pulling water up into their trunks from the hole without getting themselves in any grave danger, the little ones are not always so lucky. After the rest of the herd has finished drinking and are ready to leave, the smallest of the herd is still not to safety. This is so heart wrenching to watch, and the only saving grace for animal lovers watching all over the world is the promise that the video actually does end well. If it did not end well, many people would not be able to watch it.

Although the baby elephant looks helpless, it is still a very strong animal. The mother elephant is beside her baby for the entire ordeal. She appears to be trying to help it, but it is as if she also does not really know what to do. As mother nature often teaches us, animals sometimes are in difficult predicaments like this one and just have to fight their way out. They do not always get help, but thankfully for all of those who are watching this spectacle, this little guy finally gets the very much welcomed help he so desperately needs and is looking for.

In the video, which was posted to Facebook and YouTube on November 27, the baby animal is seen struggling to make its way up a small climb; however, after a few efforts from one older elephant (apparently its mother), a “more experienced female” came along to help rescue the youngster from its predicament. The YouTube version of the video had 1,494 views at time of writing. When the video gets close to the end, two or three adult elephants actually come to the youngster’s rescue thankfully. They all pull together and raise the baby elephant out of the mud hole.

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