Abusive Or Cute? Should Miniature Horse Eat Out Of A High Chair?

nikosbrihmaniPublished: March 19, 2017Updated: March 20, 2017826 views
Published: March 19, 2017Updated: March 20, 2017

Many different reactions were directed to the following video. Some people find the video amazing and lovely, but others find it insulting and shocking. The miniature horse from the video was eating carrots out of a high chair and as many horse lovers commented, that kind of feeding is monstrous, because many things can go wrong. The horse will feel a pain in its back for sure!

But, some other people find this video entertaining and they are defending it. A woman wrote that, the horse has megaesophagus. That means that the food must not be passed down the esophagus correctly. It’s all about gravity and by using that chair the food is passed down to the esophagus into the stomach. Share your opinion after watching the video!

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