Autistic Boy Is Finally Able To Read Thanks To These Special Dogs

CatersTVPublished: March 17, 201711,300 views
Published: March 17, 2017

Gemma Cook’s son has autism and sensory issues, which had him struggling to read out loud for a very long time. Just the sight of a book would cause the 8-year-old boy to have meltdowns. But when the mother brought two Dalmatian dogs in her home, she never could have imagined the way those two will change her son’s life.

Gemma said that reading and writing made her son Keaton very stressed, because he struggled so hard. It put him far behind his peers at school, leaving him at preschool level. Getting the boy to read and write at home had been a battle. A school psychologist had recommended the mother to get a service dog for Keaton to read to, but the wait list was too long.

Instead, she encouraged the boy to read to their dogs Dotty and Charlie, saying that dogs love to hear children read, making it look like he was helping them instead. "So he started reading and the dogs came over and just sat next to him. They just sat there and listened to him." said the surprised mother.

"Every time he sits to read they do the same thing. It’s really emotional to see. It has made him feel really proud of himself and boosted his self-esteem, which is good," Gemma said. She speculates that the boy’s already strong bond with the family’s dogs played a big role in his progress, but the dogs can also sense when he’s not feeling well and they try to help him.

You can say that they are Keaton’s true best friends.

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