Younger Brother Can't Stop His Shrieks Of Excitement After Big Brother Returns Home

Published March 16, 2017 1,738,029 Plays

Rumble Before you start watching this video, be sure to have plenty of tissues on hand!

There is nothing positive about war. It’s the ultimate downfall of humanity destroying the lives of all people involved. But sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it’s inevitable. War makes people grow old in the matter of seconds and children grow up even faster than that. It leaves devastation and it takes years and years to regain some semblance of normalcy. It’s traumatic and painful and it changes us from the inside out. It leaves scars behind, both physical and psychological ones and the best way to get rid of them is to accept the love our close ones are offering.

Being in the military is hard for both the soldier and the family. It’s hard to leave the comfort and the love of your close ones and fly all the way to the other side of the planet, but it’s what’s necessary. It’s knowing that the sacrifices you’re making will guarantee the safety of your loved ones.

This feeling solidifies the moment your feet plant themselves on home ground and you see the smiling faces of the people you’ve missed the entire time. There’s no better feeling than the feel of their arms around you the moment they spot you.

It was a very special delivery in this homecoming surprise - as a soldier-to-be boxed himself up to surprise his baby brother with a visit home. Arriving home from school, Connor Dobbyn, aged nine, thinks he's in trouble with mum, Jessica Poth, for not warning her of a huge delivery to the house. "Hey, why didn't you tell me that Brad sent you something?" But little does he know this is all a ruse in anticipation of a surprise he'll never forget.

Getting through the door at home in Cleveland, South Carolina, USA, little Connor can barely his eyes when he sees the huge box in the lounge with his name on it, letting half of a curse word slip out, much to the dismay of his mum. Peeling away the tape, Connor is startled by a voice that booms from the box, but as soon as he realizes it's his brother Brad Marek, the fourth grader erupts in awe.

Brad was stationed away in Florida for months, training to be a soldier in the Army, so when it was time for him to go home for a visit, Brad decided to instead wrap himself as a present for his younger brother. It might have been the best homecoming idea we have seen to date!

This is such a heartwarming and amazing moment. Being in the military can be very hard as you don't get to see your family as much as you would like. These two men deserve our thanks for serving their country!

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    The poor dogs were greeting the boy and all they said to the dog is'' go away''

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    So sweet!!!!

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