Don't Be A Chicken, Pull The Pregnant Turkey Prank On Thanksgiving

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Published: March 15, 2017

Sometimes, parents have a sick sense of humor and give into scaring their kids with pranks. The mother in this video could hardly wait for her daughter to discover the macabre family-dinner surprise on Thanksgiving.

Nerissa was planning on pranking both of her daughters into believing the turkey planned for dinner was pregnant. Nerissa’s animal-loving daughter Raquel was so shocked when she discovered the Cornish hen inside the carcass of the turkey that she burst into surprised tears. Raquel’s sister Nicole had discovered the Cornish hen in the fridge earlier in the day so was aware of the prank being pulled on her sister. Nicole cried tears of her own, but these were tears of uncontrollable laughter.

One prankster parent tricked her daughter into thinking they had accidentally cooked a pregnant turkey on Thanksgiving. Footage shows a girl being asked to scoop the stuffing out of the cooked turkey, as the family is about to carve the bird for dinner. The girl obeys and starts pulling the stuffing out of the bird while the mother is recording the video.

Moments later, this girl’s mild discomfort escalates to full-blown disgust when she pulls something out of the turkey, that turns out to be another raw bird. The girl is in shock and starts crying, believing that they have cooked the baby inside the turkey, without being reminded that birds actually lay eggs and don’t give birth in the old fashioned way! The look on this girl’s face is hilarious. She yells “It was pregnant!”, stop recording, it is not funny, as her sister and mother start laughing out loud to her misery. The fully cooked bird inside the turkey was a cornish hen.

Here is a quick lesson in turkey biology inspired by this prank. Turkeys, like chickens, lay eggs in order to reproduce. After about 28 days, those eggs hatch, and little turkeys come into the world. These turkeys eat, grow and eventually, some of them become the turkeys we eat. At no point in this process does a little baby turkey live inside another turkey.

Let’s hope that this girl came to her senses and realized that birds actually lay eggs and don’t give birth!

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