Gigi Hadid Interviews Boyfriend Zayn Malik & He Professes His LOVE for Her

HollyscoopPublished: March 15, 20175 views
Published: March 15, 2017

Awww! As if Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s relationship couldn’t get anymore sweet, the singer professes his love in the cutest video you’ll see all day. Trust me. #relationshipgoals just doesn’t do this justice. So you know that Gigi and Zayn recently teamed up for a special photoshoot for Versace’s new Versus campaign. the model actually stepped behind the camera and shot gorgeous images of her boyfriend for the spread. And by the way, how unfair is it that Gigi is multi talented like this. Zayn too! Singer and swoon worthy model?? I’m just saying. Anyway, apparently there was also an interview portion for this project, and Gigi is again behind the scenes talking to Zayn, who just took the moment to gush about his lady love. Versace released the video on their twitter account. Ok, and just because that’s not cute enough, Gigi also added in a few other people who are worthy enough to be right next to Zayn. Like I said, this is so cute. In addition to that video, Versace also released a behind the scenes video of Zayn and Gigi getting ready for the photoshoot. It’s less cute than the previous video, but it does prove that Zayn is a handyman. Or I guess trying to be a handyman… Hey, whether or not they had music, the photos turned out great! And please tell me you thought that video was adorable in the comment section below.

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