Kylie Jenner Fans FURIOUS Over Empty Kylighter Rip-Off

HollyscoopPublished: March 15, 20178 views
Published: March 15, 2017

u know, sometimes it seems like Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics company can’t catch a break. Fans are mad once again, claiming they’ve been ripped off. Although, Id be upset too if I ordered a beauty product only to receive an empty container. So Kylie just released another new product in her cosmetic line - shining, shimmering highlighters - or Kylighters as she calls them. The product comes in 6 colors, all named after desserts, and promises to give you that Kardashian glow. And just like you’d expect, when the product launched, many colors sold out immediately at kylie But some fans were in shock when they actually received their items. They opened the box expecting Kylighter and got nothing. Fans took to twitter to explain not only the mishap, but also their disappointment. Good day ruined, one twitter user said. When my Kylighter arrived but there was no product inside. Another said, what happened to my Kylighter?? And another is crying fraud. While you’re making yourself look pretty on Snapchat, your fans are being ripped off by getting empty products. Luckily though, Kylie’s team is already working to wrong this right by replacing the empty Kylighters with full products. But you may remember this isn’t the first time fans have been upset with Kylie cosmetics. Most recently, customers were outraged when they accused Kylie again of ripping them off. See, fans who want every single color from kylie’s lip kit collection were disappointed that her special holiday shades - marked up 16 dollars from the original shades, by the way, were identical to the regular lip kit colors. Many accused the company of repacking the same product to get more money. Kylie’s team never responded to that scandal. And let’s also not forget the other another recent incident where Kylie cosmetics was accused of stealing images to promote their products. The makeup company’s Instagram page showed THESE images last year, that were strikingly similar to Vlada Haggerty’s photos taken months earlier. She threatened a lawsuit - but months later she settled out of court. In fact, Kylie began promoting Vlada’s work on her own page! So Kylie is no stranger to a few mishaps since launching her cosmetics company, but I want to hear from you. Honest mistake, or is Kylie really trying to rip off her fans? You let me know in the comment section below.

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