Shawn Mendes Singing In His FIRST On Screen Movie Roll

HollyscoopPublished: March 14, 20176 views
Published: March 14, 2017

Shawn Mendes is multi talented - the swoon worthy voice, his crazy guitar skill, his unprecedented ability to make teenage girls fall in love with him. Skills!! But now the singer can ad yet another talent to his list - acting. Yep, Shawn will be making his acting debut and it gets better! He’ll be singing in the role too. Just go ahead and take our money. According to the Hollywood reporter, Shawn is all set to star in the upcoming musical, summer of love, which will be directed by Ivan Reitman. You may remember him as the producer of a few classic films like Ghostbusters and Space Jam. Most recently he produced the Baywatch remake and now he’s directing a musical. Now we don’t have too many details on what the plot of this musical is, BUT, there’s chatter going around that the film takes place in San Francisco during a musical vietman war protest in 1967. So Shawn as a music loving hippie? Again, take our money! No word yet on when production kicks off, but it looks like Shawn is going to be BUSY the next few months. The stitches singer kicks off his world tour in just 4 days, March 18 and will be playing shows all over the world until September. Shawn’s ready for the tour too. He recently tweeted, been rehearsing all week for tour, working with the band to create awesome live moments with you guys. So ready to get out there! Now even though this new role will be shawn’s acting debut, he’s actually got a least a little experience under his belt. You may remember Shawn voiced a character for the 2013 animated movie, underdogs. But is anyone else happy we’re actually going to SEE Shawn on screen this time?

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