Kylie Jenner and Tyga SPOTTED Together - Did They REALLY Break Up?

HollyscoopPublished: March 14, 201732 views
Published: March 14, 2017

Okaaayyy…. I don’t know what to believe anymore. One day they’re broken up and the next they’re back together acting like nothing happened! Can you take a wild guess at which couple I’m talking about… no, not Kourtney and Scott, no not Rob and Chyna… oh yep, that’s it Kylie and Tyga!! SO, where do we even begin! The big news over the weekend was that Kylie and Tyga had split for good! She was out on the town with friends and Tyga was nowhere to be seen by paparazzi. The reason behind their split boils down to money. Kylie, who’s 19, feels her 26 year old boyfriend is way too irresponsible and immature with his money! Reports also say she felt he was mooching off of her and using her for her hard-earned money. Boom goes the breakup! Well just last night Kylie and Tyga were spotted out at the movies with family members Kim, Kourtney, Rob, Caitlyn and Kanye. The group was watching a screening of “The Shack” and from the looks of the paparazzi photos they seemed cool with each other. Clearly the Kardashian’s are a tight-knit family and know pretty much everything about each other… but wouldn’t you think if Tyga was using Kylie for her money her family members would be pissed, making it that much more awkward for a date night out with them right after a breakup? What’s even more confusing about this breakup or non-breakup is that they were also spotted out earlier in the day at lunch, just the two of them. BUTTT there’s also the news that they split due to Tyga and Chyna’s personal relationship! According to Hollywoodlife, when Rob and Chyna broke off their engagement, Tyga took Chyna’s side no questions asked and Kylie of course took her brother’s side. To add more salt to this wound, Tyga also told Kylie that if the custody battle between Rob and Chyna gets uglier than it already is… he is for sure taking Chyna’s side. Okay, well I can see where Tyga might be shaking in his boots a bit, because he has a son with Chyna and I can totally see Chyna using a lack of support on Tyga’s end to her advantage. So, I can see why Tyga would want to keep things civil with Chyna… she’s got his son. I guess we may never know the real reason behind the split, if the split was real, or if we are all going insane and Kylie and Tyga are just laughing at us… but from reports we do know they are still very much together! Man, I’m exhausted just talking about this! Are you guys confused with what is truly going on between the couple? Any of you shocked they’re still together despite reports? And most importantly what do you think the best thing for Kylie to do is? Let me know in the comments below!

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