Justin Bieber's Ex Flings are Getting NAKED on Instagram!!

HollyscoopPublished: March 14, 201728 views
Published: March 14, 2017

These ladies’ ears must be burning or their bodies are literally stripping them of their clothing, because a couple of Bieber’s former flings are baring almost all in new Instagram posts! Bieber has dated and hooked up with his fair share of beautiful women, singers, actresses and models… but this one particular past-fling is seriously H-O- T!!!! Sahara Ray! Okay, her name is spelled like the desert in Africa and of course she’s incredibly attractive and her body is giving me serious #goals! She posted a series of nearly naked Instagram photos promoting her new lingerie line with the blunt caption: “Sex Sells.” The Australian model posed, and poses pretty much nude, leaving little to the imagination. In one photo she’s topless laying down on the bed in nothing but a white G-string, and her other posts show all her best attributes! Hey, when you got it, flaunt it! The two were first spotted together and skinny-dipping with one another last year while in Hawaii. She of course captured all of their time together on social media and one can only imagine that after the cell-phone stopped rolling…well you get the idea! What’s interesting about the timing of her posting these pictures is the fact that Justin is Down Under right now for his Purpose World Tour! That’s why I say, her ears must be burning… she knows her former hookup hunk needs to remind him what Australia has to offer, aka what he’s missing out on. Earlier this week Justin was spotted partying on a yacht in Melbourne with of course a handful of models, but Sahara wasn’t named as one of the lucky- ones to be partying with the Biebs! And then there’s this photo of ANOTHER Beiber Ex, granted Hailey Baldwin is a bit more clothed than Sahara, but her body is still bangin’! Her perfectly toned body is on full-display for her IG fans and of course Bieber! Now it’s most likely coincidence two of his model exes are posting sexy summer ready snaps of themselves, but their timing is impeccable. Are the ladies trying to send Bieber a message or are they just doing their model- thang and giving their fans what they want? I think I’d actually have a heart-attack if there are headlines tomorrow talking about Bieber and Sahara spotted together. But that’s wishful thinking. What do you guys think about J-Biebs’ exes posting these insanely hot pictures, are they trying to send him a message??? I wonder… but let me know what you think in the comments below!

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