Pilot Makes A Steep Takeoff To Test The Plane's Abilities

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Rumble Tom Pipe filmed this curious video of a Boeing test pilot performing an incredibly steep takeoff while testing the 787-9. The video, captured in Farnborough Airport in England back in July 2014, sees the aircraft embark on an extreme and immediate ascent, at one stage appearing as though the plane was acting like a rocket. It was all for show, demonstrating the pilot’s marvelous skill as well as the new plane’s durability.

This peculiar video of a Boeing Dreamliner shows the commercial jet in a steep vertical climb as its Top Gun pilots show off what the cutting-edge jet is actually capable of. Boeing has unveiled the heart-pounding video which shows its expert pilots putting the 787-9 Dreamliner through its paces.

The tense footage shows the airplane rocketing into an almost vertical climb before taking one rather sharp turn “‘round the block”. It is so unusual to watch, we can almost sense the excitement building up. Although it is pretty awesome!

The film was shot to demonstrate the capabilities of the magnificent aircraft. This 787-9 Dreamliner is one of the most technically advanced airlines in the world – and costs in excess of £130 million (Over $174 million). The lightweight airplane can fly higher and faster than any other commercial aircraft, which means passengers suffer less turbulence.

Its body features bigger windows to help flyers enjoy the view from above even better. It also offers passengers a superior level of comfort, with mood lighting and advanced entertainment, so passengers are also treated to far less jet lag. Also, the wings are flexible, strong and help for a smoother ride. Who wouldn’t love to fly with that thing?

The 787 Dreamliner is the principal traveler stream made generally from composite materials rather than aluminum, which influence the plane lighter, more to fuel proficient, and more agreeable for travelers (because of higher mugginess levels and greater windows). The 787-9 is another variation of the stream, with space for 40 more travelers and an additional 300 miles of range.

Boeing won't uncover the plane's best speed (voyage speed is Mach .85, around 647 mph), or how exactly how steeply it can take off, yet its planes, similar to those from its rivals, are made to withstand conditions well past anything they are at all liable to involvement.

These open exhibits demonstrate the planes' capacities in dealing with a wide range of circumstances. The 787 is by all accounts more than ready to deal with the plunge plummet and arriving, and the precarious, relatively vertical departure from the strip, even after only two or three dozen feet of navigating.

The Farnborough International Airshow is seven days in length occasion happening at regular intervals that joins a noteworthy exchange presentation for the aviation and resistance ventures with an open-air show. The airshow occasion is vital in the worldwide aviation and resistance industry timetable, as it gives a chance to exhibit non-military personnel and military airship to potential clients and financial specialists. Those skills are amazing!


  • Jenny, 2 years ago

    Planes flying out of Albuquerque, New Mexico over the Sandia mountains have to make a steep takeoff because the mountain range is close and is over 10,000 feet high. I was on one of those planes.

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  • TkarenG, 2 years ago

    Test pilots are a rare and brave (crazy?) breed of person.

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