Picky Cat Plays Fetch With Green Beans Only

StoryfulPublished: March 14, 20171,913 views
Published: March 14, 2017

We think we have already established that cats are plain jerks, right? Sure, they love to cuddle (on their own terms) and can be adorable as heck (again, on their own terms), but the minute you want to do something of your own liking, they will spear you through with a look that clearly means “not a chance”.

Robin Drooger’s girlfriend has an odd cat. Like plenty of cats out there, he will sometimes act like a dog and play fetch. But only with a specific type of haricot bean! According to Robin, nothing else works.

That is quite the unusual pastime, don’t you think? Mees the cat will play fetch, but on his own terms - with a green bean. If that doesn’t spell “jerk” backwards, we don’t know what does!

Robin says, “My girlfriend’s cat thinks it’s a dog sometimes. Here’s the weird thing: it only works with haricots. Mees likes to play fetch, but ONLY with green beans. Nothing else works.”

Some might say that it is the color green that sets Mees off; others might say that it is the shape, looks like a worm or something and it tickles his imagination. And he definitely brings the bean back, so we have to give him a few points for it.

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