Ashton Irwin from 5SOS ENCOURAGES Fans to Troll His Girl Alex Losey

HollyscoopPublished: March 13, 2017
Published: March 13, 2017

I think I hear a new song being written right now from 5 seconds of Summer called “Troll My Girl!” Wait a minute, did a member of 5 Seconds of Summer just condone internet trolls bashing his new GF??? Let’s unwind this craziness!! So about three weeks ago Ashton Irwin posted a picture of his rumored new flame and youtube star Alexa Losey and the hate for her was instantaneous! One fan commented on the picture “Shiiiippp OMG ashton step up your game bro OTP OTP OTP!” I like how they tried to cuss but couldn’t, despite the hatred coming from the comment. Another person said: “No one wincher here Ashton is too good for that bih she taking my friends man.” And another commenter who had rather wise advice warned Ashton, “If you’re dating just tell nobody that you are because the fan gonna hate this girl so much… a reminder!” Well that reminder came a bit too late I think… but you know what Ashton doesn’t care about what the haters are saying and said he’s fine with the trolls! TMZ photogs got Ashton coming out of a bar last night in LA and asked him about his new lady love and all the trolls dogging her! His response, “God dammit get out my grill! Alexa’s a sweet girl.” And when asked if he would tell his fans to chill out with the hate, his response was even more of a shock! Ashton said, “No WAY… they do their thing.” Um… no way? No way??? Not the response I would want someone that I’m reportedly dating to say about Internet trolls trolling me. But I guess he’s not sweating the small stuff in life, especially since he left the bar with about 5 other girls… none of them was Alexa…. so maybe things between them aren’t too serious after all! What do you think of Ashton’s response to the Internet trolls? And is it rude that he didn’t really defend Alexa against the trolls… you know he pretty much gave them free reign to tear her down as much as they want. A bit messed up if you as me, but shout out your thoughts in the comments below!

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