Jennifer Lopez Posts SEXY Intimate Photo from Bahamas Vacation with Alex Rodriguez

HollyscoopPublished: March 13, 201718 views
Published: March 13, 2017

Okay, it’s officially official between JLo and Alex Rodriguez, because the singer posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram!! FREAK OUT!!! So over the weekend JLo posted a picture to her Instagram story of her and A-Rod cozying up to one another and its got me feeling all sorts of feels! First and foremost, JLo’s eyes look a little glazed over, so maybe the new couple was indulging in some wine, beer and or spirits? I don’t take JLo for a beer girl… you’ve seen her body… beer would destroy it, so I’m going to guess they were sipping on some wine!! So she posted this picture to her IG story and then shortly after posting it she took it down. A second hint at her possibly having too much fun with her new man, she made a decision she regretted and tried to back track, possibly?? We told you last week that sources close to the pair confirmed they were in the early stages of dating and getting to know each other, but it’s not going to be some intense relationship because they are both looking to have fun. Plain and simple, they’re just really into hooking up with one another. The couple took a romantic trip to the Bahamas this past weekend taking a private jet to an exclusive beach resort/club and stayed in a sea front villa. Okay, that right there sounds a bit more serious than just having fun and hooking up! A trip like that is what couples take when they really want to connect on a deeper level… or a trip super rich and famous friends with benefits take to spice things up! Are you guys happy about JLo leaving Drake behind and shacking up with A-Rod? Or does JLo need to cool her jets when it comes to dating… she has manhopped for quite some time now! I want to know what you think about this new relationship and if a Hollywood relationship is really official once it’s posted on social media! Let me know in the comments below!

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