Selena Gomez is BACK in the Studio, Wearing the Weeknd's Clothes!

HollyscoopPublished: March 13, 20178 views
Published: March 13, 2017

They’ve shared food, hotel rooms and swapped spit with one another, so it’s no surprise that Selena and the weekend are now sharing clothes with each other! Selena was caught red handed on Instagram in one of the Weeknd’s hoodies over the weekend! Of course it makes sense she’s wearing his clothes, I mean they are dating, but he also just kicked off his world tour, so he’s traveling and she’s not getting to see her man as much as she’s use to!! What’s funny about her post is that it seemed the Weeknd didn’t know she had his sweater or that she stole it from him, not sure how she got it, but The Weeknd commented on her post saying. “sweater” with a rolling-eye emoji!! I interpret that as, really, you took my sweater… I’ve been looking all over for that and you had it the whole time??? Really, Selena! I’m sure he’s not too pissed about the hoodie heist, after all she does look pretty damn cute in it!! Things are moving pretty fast for the couple who started dating back in January! We told you last week that a source close to Selena said the singer already has marriage on the mind and could see herself marrying The Weeknd!! The source said they have never seen Selena so happy in a relationship before and that despite their whirlwind romance she would gladly take their relationship to the next level!! So clothing might not be the only thing they’ll be sharing in the future!! Do you think Selena and the Weeknd’s relationship will stand the test of time and how long do you think the couple will be together before walking down the aisle and sharing their lives together!! And is Selena too much in our faces about her relationship with the weekend? Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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