Otter Gets Lost in the Middle of a County Mayo Tesco

StoryfulPublished: March 13, 201735 views
Published: March 13, 2017

Getting lost can make us uneasy – and it appears it’s no different for otters. This particular otter struggled to find his way through a Tesco supermarket in Ireland’s County Mayo on March 13. Luckily, journalist Darragh Mc Donagh was there to rescue the poor creature. After the otter ran around the shop for a bit, Mc Donagh said he managed to pick him up and bring him back to the entrance. “He was trying to bite me, so I set him down, and he ran under some shopping trolleys,” Mc Donagh told Storyful. “I tried to hold him in a way that would stop him from biting me, but he squirmed and used his back legs.” Eventually, Mc Donagh delivered the creature to the lake, but not before it bit him a few more times, and left him needing a €30 tetanus shot. The cost was what “hurt the most,” Mc Donagh concluded.

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