Little Mix FIGHTING?! Perrie Edwards Cropped Jesy Nelson OUT of 2017 Kids Choice Awards Photo

HollyscoopPublished: March 13, 201710 views
Published: March 13, 2017

Are the girls of little Mix feuding with each other? More specifically, is Perrie Edwards in a spat with Jesy Nelson?? Perrie’s recent IG post SEEMS to hint at a feud! This past Saturday the girl group attended the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and while on the red carpet they snapped a coupe of pics together, no biggie it’s what they do all the time! Well Perrie posted a picture of the four of them on her IG account, but she cropped Jesy out of the picture, which heated up the speculation the girls were fighting! I mean, if I was with my besites and I got cropped out of the picture or I did the cropping of a friend out, it would most likely mean I was pissed or they were pissed at me! Turns out the group IS in fact NOT feuding! WOOOO I was about to have a minor meltdown! Perrie actually included in the caption the real reason why Jesy was cropped out of the picture! We won a Nickelodeon award! I always watched the KCA’s when I was a kid and always wished I’s win one of those orange blimps I can’t thank you all enough for voting and making another childhood dream come true! You are THEEEE best fans in the world I love you all! ❤ oh and Jesy is cropped out the picture because she doesn’t like any of the photos! Jesy are you insane, you look gorgeous girl! So pretty much Perrie was being an awesome friend and fulfilling the wishes of her bestie Jesy. That is girl-code at its finest, but low key I wonder what would’ve happened if Perrie was actually pissed at Jesy and cut her out because of some drama going on behind the scenes! We love some drama, but we don’t need another girl group breaking up … Camila’s split from Fifth harmony still has us feeling all sorts of feels! I’m interested to know what you think about this picture cropping debacle! Good friend or bitchy move? Sound off in the comments below!

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