Justin Bieber GOES OFF on Fan Asking for Selfie: "You Make Me SICK!"

HollyscoopPublished: March 13, 20175 views
Published: March 13, 2017

Just when we thought the Biebs couldn’t hate on his fans anymore… he goes and does this! Seriously this news makes my blood boil! Beleibers, I’m sorry, but prepare yourselves to hear some news you probably aren’t ready to swallow! So we know Bieber has a strict no selfie, no picture rule with his fans… well clearly one fan didn’t get the memo and asked the singer for a snap of them together. Bieber went OFF on this unlucky fan! TMZ got video of the singer telling the fan how he really felt about her selfie. While the girl is trying to take a selfie with Bieber you can hear him say, “Look at your respect level. Look at you… you make me sick!” And the fan comes back, “Oh come on!.” I’m sorry, but Biebs this is why you are famous, without your fans you’d be nothing! BUT on the flip side, I also see where this fan a bit disrespectful… but come on Justin, people adore you, you’re really going to say that to your fans!?! The funny thing about this video is the fact that Justin is like lingering outside the car so the girl can get the picture and then he lays into her! I’m sorry, but Justin if you had such a problem with people taking selfies of you or with you, you’d know the drill… not say anything and get in the car… right? The longer you wait the more Facetime they get with you! Biebs has been a bit outspoken as of late, especially when it comes to talking about his ex- Selena and her new boyfriend The Weeknd. Biebs has said the singer’s music is wack… then went on Periscope with a friend sarcastically saying his favorite song at the momet was a Weeknd song. So what the heck is really going on here? Does he want to enrage his fans, does he actually want to take pictures but just tries to put up a ‘IDGAF’ façade? Furthermore, what do you guys think about Bieber’s reaction? Too much or was the fan actually in the wrong? Let me know in the comments below!

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