Watch baby become tech genius and take SELFIE seconds after birth in hilarious and creepy advert

PHAMMIHNGOTPublished: March 10, 2017
Published: March 10, 2017

A newborn baby grabs a nurse's phone to take a selfie seconds after being born - in an hilarious viral video hit for advertising an internet provider.

The advert for company 3GS shows a husband anxiously watching his wife give birth - but no sooner is baby out than he is showing off his tech credentials.

The tot first grabs his dad's tablet computer to Google how to cut his umbilical cord - before performing the procedure himself.

With a cheeky smile he then grabs a nurse's smartphone to take a selfie with her - before logging on to the doctor's laptop to upload them to his social network.
And in a final astonishing scene the youngster uses a map app on the smartphone to find his way out of the hospital.

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