Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' Was Supposed to Be a Little Mix Song!!

HollyscoopPublished: March 10, 2017138 views
Published: March 10, 2017

Ed Sheeran reveals one of his hit songs… was actually meant for someone else…until the singer decided to keep it for himself. In a recent interview with BeBox the 26-year-old singer revealed his hit song “Shape of You” was actually meant for a the very popular girl group… Little Mix. In the interview Ed admitted that once he finished writing the song, he felt it was quote “too good” to giveaway. Can you blame him?! I mean… all of his songs melt the hearts of females everywhere. Ed said in the interview quote “We started it for Little Mix originally and then kinda like halfway through I was actually like this sounds like Rhianna, it could be good for Rhianna, and then more of the way through, we were like yeah, this is actually pretty good. We should keep it” Is your head spinning yet? That’s right Ed went from writing a hit song for Little Mix, to then possibly giving it to Bad Girl RiRi before playing selfish and keeping it for himself. Rightfully so of course. Now this isn’t the first time that Ed has lent his amazing writing skills to help out other artists other than himself. He’s helped the beloved One Direction with several songs…including “Little Things,” “Over Again,” “18,” and “Moments.” Let’s be honest… I don’t think Ed Sheeran’s writing skills could ever lead any artist in the wrong direction. I mean come on… his new album “Divide” has only been out for a short time and it’s already breaking records. Spotify revealed that since it’s the albums release on March 3rd… it has surpassed the previous record for “most first week streams”… with over 273 million streams and counting… The Weeknd held the previous record with 223 million streams in a seven day period. And that song he decided to keep for himself… “Shape of You” was a very solid decision. That song alone is leading Spotify’s charts and his other 16 songs are in the top 50. To top it all off he announced he’s going on tour this week too. I’m telling yah it is not a bad week to be Ed Sheeran. Let me know what you think in the comments below… are you as happy as I am that Ed kept “Shape of You” for himself or do you think he should have shared the song writing love?

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