Cat Isn't Very Happy When Tiny Snake Gets Caught In Her Nose

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Published: March 10, 2017

This sight doesn't look to pleasant! Nathan's cat is always getting into all sorts of mischief. One day, back in 2009, he found her under the stairs outside, sneezing over and over. Does she have a cold? At first he thought she had gotten herself caught up in some spider webs, but as Nathan started to get closer he could see that it was a tiny snake hanging out of her nose. Poor cat, this is definitely not a comfortable position to be in. Luckily they were able to get the snake out of the cat's nose after grabbing onto it a couple times. The end results for the snake were worse, sadly, it wasn't as fortunate as the cat.

The cat was not happy at all as they tried to get the snake out of her nose, the first time they try to remove it, she just sneezes and backs away, that must not feel too good. On the second pull, the snake comes out and we can see how much of it was actually in her nose. How did it even get into her nose in the first place? She was definitely poking her nose around in places it shouldn't have been, silly cat! I don't think she will be doing that again anytime soon!

Check out this video of a cat getting a snake caught in her nose!

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