Khloe Kardashian and Dog Gabanna Get STUCK in the Elevator!!!

HollyscoopPublished: March 9, 20179 views
Published: March 9, 2017

You Guys! Khloe Kardshian got trapped and literally had to rescue someone other than herself! So yesterday, Koko was taking her cuter than cute dog Gabbana somewhere, not sure if was the vet or somewhere in her house, but she was in an elevator and it got stuck!!! Celebs, they’re just like us! Okay, all jokes aside…So her pup Gabbana had just gotten foot surgery so Khloe being to best dog-mom she is decided to take her dog down the elevator so she didn’t have to walk down the stairs with her foot! Well as luck would have it, while she was going down in the elevator with just her and her dog mind, the freakin thing got stuck!! So… what does Khloe do? Ring the emergency bell? Call for help? Call her mom, sisters, boyfriend! Nope, she snapchatted it and tweeted about it! Nothing like getting your fans from all over the world to help out… with words of encouragement I guess? In the first snap she shows Gabbana laying down on the floor with a purple cast on her paw and says, “my poor little cute puppy and I are stuck in the elevator shes too old to use the stairs and now we’re stuck!” And like any hardworking woman, especially on International Women’s Day, she had to go to work! “Oh Gabanna and I do hav eto work today that im supposed to be in the car by 8:15, why won’t you let us out of here!?” Well thank the lord, the elevator magically went back up to the second floor and she picked up Gabbana and walked her down the stairs! She tweeted out: “We got stuck in the elevator, it ended up going back up to the second floor. We got out somehow and decided to carry my dog down the stairs. Mind you she is older and has put on a few pounds LOL, what a morning and workout!” Of course her fans were all over social media sending support but there was ONE particular “FAN” who instead of sending well wishes… laughed in khloes social media face! That BETCH!! KIDDING of course, Khloe knows how to take jokes like the best of them! I’m so proud of your dog-mom skills! Happy you and gabbana are okay. Would you guys do the same for your pets? Who else besides me is deathly afraid of riding in elevators? Sound off in the comments below!

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