Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift Fans Are Going to FREAK OUT Over Their Tour Plans

HollyscoopPublished: March 9, 201726 views
Published: March 9, 2017

Swifties and Zaynies, not quite sure if that’s what his fan base is called, but anyways I have good news for fans of T-Swift and Zayn Malik! Are you ready for it? Zayn wants to TOUR with Taylor!!! Yes you guys, rejoice in this awesome news! Can you even imagine how freakin epic and dynamic this tour would be?? So Hollywoodlife is reporting that a source close to Zayn said he would love to join her on tour so they can perform. Zayn apparently suffers from some bad anxiety and performing in front of big crowds as a solo artist really ignites his anxiety and has prevented him from going on tour, but NOW, if his “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” co-singer does come out with a new album, which Ed Sheeran revealed she might be doing in the near future, we could see a whole lot of Zayn and Taylor belting out amazing music together! I can see it now, Zayn and Taylor re-enacting her wildest dreams music video live on stage… how insane would that be! I’lll tell you what it would be a dream come true.. of course there would have to be boundaries between the two since Gigi is T-siwfts bestie and Zayns GF! The source said Zayn is already familiar with huge tours from his One Direction days and would like to play stadiums again, and surprisingly he misses the big crowds! But of course the anxiety is crippling… Zayn canceled two major performances within the past year, the Capital Summertime Ball in the UK and a concert in Dubai! Luckily for Zayn and us, his fans, girlfriend Gigi has been helping him cope with his anxiety by teaching him mediation methods. So all we are waiting for now is taylor to drop some big new music, zayn to continue making music and then for Taylor to announce her world tour starring Zayn Malik… how hard can that be?!?! Alright Taylor it’s time to get to work, not that you haven’t been working and plotting the biggest music reveal of all over the past months since your last tour ended!!! We are all rooting for a Zaylor world tour and more collabos. Would you guys just absolutely lose your shit if Taylor and Zayn went on tour together? Would Zayn outshine Taylor or is that simply impossible? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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