Lioness Sees An Old Friend, Jumps Into His Arms To Say Hi

Published March 8, 2017 2,452,639 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA curious video has emerged from Botswana, Africa of a cheerful lioness jumping for joy when she spots her human friend. Watch as the massive animal runs in man’s hands for a warm hug, and cuddles him like lovers do. Cuteness overload!

Every child craves love and affection and it is no different with animal babies. Sirga the lioness is one such child, only her parent isn’t a lion. Conservationist Valentin Gruener, 27, is the co‑founder of the Modisa Wildlife Project in the Kalahari, Botswana, who aim to save the lion population in Africa.

Sirga was born into a litter of three cubs. Two of her siblings died, so she was left behind by her pride. They found her near death on a farm in 2012 and immediately put her on a treatment to bring the tiny cub back to life.

Valentin, who is from Germany, and his partner Mikkel, from Denmark, have their hands full with the three year old lioness. She is now in her lion teenage years and they are preparing her to live in the wild.

Valentin and Mikkel are striving to bring up Airga like a wild lion, teaching her to stalk and hunt. She is perfectly able to hunt down her own food, but she lets her caretakers be close to her while she feeds, which is truly remarkable. Still, the duo are convinced she is the most spoiled and well fed lion in Botswana. Sirga is so close to Valentin, she keeps her claws sheathed during play sessions and lies with her head contentedly on Valentin's lap while he strokes her ears. Who knew that these beasts can be tamed?

Meet Sirga, the 110lb lioness, the big cat that has built an unbreakable bond with her rescuers Valentin Cruener and Mikkel Legarth. Sirga was driver from her pride and she is now a beacon for success for the modisa wildlife project who aim to save the lion population. If you like this inspiring story, find out more about the Modisa Wildlife Project by visiting

Another stunning video has emerged of Oleg Zubkov cuddling and kissing with a lion in Taigan Safari Park in the town of Belogorsk. This incredible video shows that some of the world’s most beautiful creatures can be tamed. Sleeping with the lions?

The man in the video, Oleg, is a professional with years of experience in zoo keeping and lion taming. Watch him interact with this lion, cuddling and kissing, like old lovers do. These typically-ferocious beasts have become gentle giants after they were raised by humans at Taigan Lion Park, in Crimea. This heartwarming video captures the incredible moment when fearless Oleg cuddles with an adult lion and kissing the beast in the mouth.

The 418-pound lions can be found welcoming humans and happily posing for selfies in this surreal park. Park director, Oleg Zubkov, is filmed playing with the wild lion and patting him as if he were a domestic cat. Watch and hold your breath as Oleg takes lion’s paw and puts him around his neck, after which he joins mouths with the lion and goes for a wild kiss! Crazy!

The 80-acre Taigan Safari Park is home to 1,500 other animals and birds - including tigers and incredibly rare white lions. They set up the campaign to raise awareness for the protection of wild animals by giving visitors the chance to hug and pet the adorable cubs.

Would you dare petting lions if you knew they were tamed? After watching Oleg and his lion buddy share a wet kiss and a warm hug, we might reconsider this offer!

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