Adorable Cat And Dog Are Best Friends

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Rumble When we were little, we all had that one best friend to whom we made a solemn promise that we would always stick together no matter what life brings us. Even when there were times of boredom and times when we didn’t know what to say to each other, the friendship ties we cherished were unbreakable. The phrase ‘best friends’ was permanently engraved on a heart pendant, each wearing the half piece around our necks and swear that in the greatest crisis we would fend it with our own lives.

There are some people out there who believe that animals are just ordinary creatures but the truth is the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze and inspire us, making us put all our differences aside. Unusual friendships happen all the time and not just in the world of humans but with animals also. Giraffes and ostriches, dogs and owls, chickens and puppies, rabbits and deer, lions and bears are just handfuls of examples of how friendships in the animal kingdom have no limits. And friends do not have to look anything alike to make a great team just as this unusual friendship proves.

An animal-loving couple from Odessa, Texas had always hoped to adopt a kitten and puppy but never did they think their pets would act like mother and son. It was love at first smell for adorable pair Woodhouse and Raven, who have not left each other's side since meeting at a shelter as kitten and pup.

When eight-week-old Tamaskan pup, Raven joined Christina Cross and fiancée Vincent, it was only two weeks later that she sniffed Woodhouse out for them at the shelter.

Christina and Vincent had "the talk" just like any other couple would have. But instead of talking about kids, they talked about having a dog and a cat to grow up together. When they brought Raven home from the shelter, step one of their plan was complete. But two weeks later, it was time for step two, so they took little Raven back to the shelter so that she might find herself a sibling and sure enough, Raven sniffed out her future adopted feline brother.

Individuals say that cats and pooches are the most exceedingly terrible foes, and in most cases they truly are. Be that as it may, not these mates! There is saying that dog is a man's closest companion, and that is so valid. Anyway, can a pooch be the closest companion to a cat? Cats and mutts have a notoriety for not getting along extremely well. A few people even believe that these creatures are mortal foes. While a few cats and dogs won't get along, and sincerely that is 99 percent of the time, yet that 1 percent give us to trust that there are a lot of different sets who really cherish each other in particular!

Now the duo does everything together. They sleep, eat, drink and play together as if they came from the same litter! Watching them during their everyday antics really brings back the faith in friendship. That is so cute!

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