Brave Divers Save Injured Shark: WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUES

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Published: March 8, 2017

Animals are majestic creatures of nature. Sure, there are going to be some that you do not want to get anywhere near, like this shark, but none the less they should still be treated with the utmost respect. They should not have to suffer due to our mistakes. This injured shark is a major example of how we impact the environment negatively. Good thing that these people managed to find him

Kind hearted divers have revealed how they rescued a dusky shark with a rope heavily embedded in its skin. When diver Skyler Thomas and tour operators Vinnie and Debbie spotted a shark in need of rescuing, they didn’t hesitate to jump in and help. They were diving in May 2014 at Cat Island in the central Bahamas when they pulled off their incredible rescue.

This shark looks like it is in so much discomfort. Good thing these divers managed to jump in when they did or the unthinkable could have happened. These people really are heroes!

Please share this video with your family and friends as they need to be shown the negative impacts that we can have on the environment and that we need to change our ways!

Videographer / director: Skyler Thomas
Producer: Crystal Chung, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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    • 2 rumbles
      RJmartz · 26 weeks ago

      I love it. I have been fascinated with sharks. I wasn't always but the more I have gotten educated about them, the more respect and awe I have for them. They are AWESOME creatures! They are like dinosaurs, so old, and there is more fear than respect. I truly hate that Asian fisherman cut their fins off and throw them back into the water. I would LOVE to go down in a shark cage and see one up close!

    • 0 rumbles
      valerie22 · 24 weeks ago

      Don't understand that he held still for three people to surround him. And probably took more than a few minutes, due to being embedded. No telling How long that rope had been there. Years?! Truthfully, I am not crazy about sharks. Occasionally they eat people. Or take a big bite or arm off... Just another reason I don't particularly care to get into the Ocean... You can't even see if something is coming At you!

    • 2 rumbles
      DavidHereaux · 24 weeks ago This reminds me of that meme. The one with the man and the shark in the picture. Captioned: Here is a picture of the most dangerous creature in the world. The other is a shark. O_o I just don't understand why people are surprised about the shark's attitude to the divers. He knew he was dead meat if he didn't get that rope off. I've seen many videos of animals offering themselves up to humans for help. They are smarter than humans seem to be able to grasp. It's almost funny. It probably would be if it wasn't such a horrible planet for other animals.