This Dog Has Mastered The Art Of The Fart

StoryfulPublished: March 8, 20178,851 views
Published: March 8, 2017

It is one of the most natural things our bodies can muster, but we still tend to be very hush-hush about it. Flatulence doesn’t choose its victims; it picks its victims randomly and with different intensities. Still, when the gas hits, you better not keep it in, because it may go in your head and make you talk sh*t!

When it comes to dogs and farting, they tend to be silent killers. One moment everything is fine, the next you almost need a gas mask. But this dog seems to love farting out loud and his owner Billy Howard shared a video on March 3 to demonstrate.

Billy shared the video on Twitter and the clip shows the brown Labrador sitting calmly while his backside lets off an explosion of noise. Several of them in fact. Howard captioned the tweet, “Here’s 45 seconds of my dog farting louder than any human I’ve ever heard (last one is the worst).” The video had 690 retweets and 1,766 likes at time of writing.

In all honesty, we really feel for the pooch. He is old and certainly had a nice life behind him. So his family should totally allow him let a few loose from time to time. In the end, he lets all the nasty out in the air and entertains his humans with it. Billy certainly had a BLAST filming him! And dog does not shed a single shred of regret about his actions.

Oh, how we admire him.

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