Soldier Returns Home To Surprise His Sister

Published March 7, 2017 213,695 Views

Rumble When soldiers are deployed, their absence is felt so much, especially by their family. Soldiers are the pride of each country. Soldiers defend the dignity and the respect of their country with their life and blood. He needs to rise above his self to guard his country.

To be a soldier you must be trained, strong, brave, and to have a faith that you will be with your family again. Their bravery fills in like a guiding light to other people who are sad and weak. Their lives are a wellspring of motivation to the adolescent of the country. They serve the country to the best of their capacity.

This is the emotional moment that a soldier returns home for the first time in three years to surprise his much beloved sister. After three long years stationed in Italy, soldier Shane Rader, from Gilbert, Arizona, USA, is about to return home for the first time to surprise his sister Elizabeth.

Upon walking through the front door, the family dog is the first to recognize Shane, but his barks aren’t enough to startle Elizabeth, who continues watching T.V completely unaware her brother stands only a few feet away. When she finally spots Shane, the teenager gasps in disbelief before crying out his name in excitement, leaping up and locking her arms and legs around him.

Older brother John, who planned the surprise reveal, said: “I loved Elizabeth’s reaction, you can tell just how excited and overcome with emotion she was."

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