Jennifer Lopez Makes CONFESSION About Drake on the Daily Show

HollyscoopPublished: March 7, 20173 views
Published: March 7, 2017

Yesss, we might FINALLY have some answers to the Drake and J.Lo relationship rumors!! Is the news we are hoping for? Fingers crossed!! Jennifer Lopez appeared for the first time on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah, which was surprising to us because that’s more of a satirical political talk show and J.Lo hasn’t been too vocal about politics, but anyways, she was on the show and asked the question on everyone’s mind! J.Lo originally went on the show to promote the new season of “Shades of Blue” which she stars in and the conversation quickly went from “Oh you’re new season, how exciting” to “So what the heck is up with you and Drake?!?!” Trevor asked Lopez, “Seriously, did you get with Drake because you didn’t know Trevor yet?” Of course J.Lo started nervously laughing and blushing saying, “Let me clear this up, I’M. NOT. WITH. DRAKE.” Trevor Noah sure was happy and yelled “Hallelujah” but he stepped over her words and after opening Pandora’s box, he somehow managed to close it right back up!! J.Lo followed it up with, “Maybe that’s all I need to say,” possibly realizing that she probably just overshared too much information already. Unfortunately the segment ended right there, so she wasn’t able to spill any more tea. So, maybe their fleeting romance over the holidays was just that, fleeting, flirty and fun! But, you never know what the future lies ahead, and I think Drake and J.Lo were kind of a cute couple, despite the big age gap and all… but then again J.Lo looks like a million bucks and isn’t aging… she’s actually de-aging.. like Benjamin button! Are you guys shocked by J.Lo’s confession? Are you happy she isn’t with Drake, or would a younger man do her good? After Mark Anthony she really has only gone for younger men.. just pointing that out! Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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