Friendly Whale Lifts Curious Kayakers Onto Its Back

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Published: March 7, 2017

Two kayakers paused to take a closer look at some whales off the coast of Argentina, but got an unexpected surprise when one of the giant creatures lifted their boat onto its back. This footage shows the whale roll over before moving slowly under the kayak and then lifting it clean out of the water close to the coastal city of Puerto Madryn. The two very surprised humans on its back are taken along for the ride, but manage to keep their cool. What an adventure!

These two travelers were lucky enough to kayak with whales off the coast of Puerto Madryn in Argentina. As they paddled their way through the open blue, they stumbled upon a group of whales and started to film their unique adventure.

Footage shows a curious whale circling underneath the two kayakers before lifting them onto its back, giving them a piggyback ride. How unusual! This must have been the best experience of their lives, something they will recall for a very long time!

Humpback whales are typically spotted in places like the Gulf of Mexico due to their migration patterns. According to this report, they are known to begin migration in March from warmer waters back to places like the coast of Iceland due to the abundance of food there.

Watch as this whale swims close to kayakers as they paddled their way through the open waters. To their surprise, the friendly whale decided to stop by and greet the lucky travelers. Have you experienced something as unusual as this before? Have you ever had a close encounter with whales? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

These lucky couple, enjoyed their moment while resting on the back of the curious mammal. Fortunately, they managed to keep their balance on the kayak and not fall off it. It takes a lot of courage and calmness to survive situations like this. Surprisingly, this whale didn’t seem bothered by the kayakers and greeted them with a friendly lift. What a unique experience!

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      BroncoBob · 1 year ago

      What an experience! You two lucky humans have to be the luckiest pair in the world, to experience a "Once in a million, Lifetime event". This will probably never happen again in thousands of years. It's so great you happened to get it on video to cherish a lifetime. Wow! I'm lost after this for words. Thank you so very much for sharing this with me, it looks like I'm the only one commenting on it. Thank you, once again.