Shawn Mendes POSSIBLY Found Love With Sabrina Carpenter!?

HollyscoopPublished: March 7, 201717 views
Published: March 7, 2017

Well ladies, Shawn Mendes just MAY be off the market after last night’s iHeart radio awards. The singer was caught hugging ANOTHER artist, and the internet has officially shipped them. Now whether or not they’re actually dating, well that’s another story. But let’s be real. You know how the internet works. One little thing and forget it! Well, that little thing was that Shawn Mendez was spotted hugging Sabrina Carpenter. So are they dating. Well, the jury’s still out, but here’s what happened last night. So both Shawn and Sabrina attended the iHeartradio awards in Los Angeles. Fun! Well, a sneaky fan caught the moment when Sabrina and Shawn were HUGGING mid show. Sidenote, did you see Laura Marano’s face as the whole encounter went down. She kinda looks in shock? Like in shock that they’re finally a couple? maybe….. Anyway. So they hugged. BUT a hug isn’t enough to incinuate a relationship is it? No, of course not! Good thing there’s even more evidence. Sabrina was caught of Tanya Rad’s snapchat happily singing along to Shawn’s song Mercy during the show. Awwww. So she’s supportive too! Now like we said, we’re not really sure Shawn and Sabrina are an item, they could just be good friends. They do go way back after all. Like I said, Sabrina is supportive. Back in September she tweeted a little love note to Shawn when his album Illuminate dropped. Illumiate is Illumigreat she wrote. AND these two snapped a selfie together when they both performed in the Show of the Summer concert last august. So yea, they’re friends. But have they taken their relationship to the next level? Maybe but not likely. Shawn is kind of a ladies man - like in a good way. Let me remind you that Shawn and Camilla Cabello recently sparked dating rumors. Why? Because they were in the same room together. LOL the internet, man. But here’s the deal. Shawn has a lot of friends and even more supporters so it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dating every girl he meets. Or Hugs. But that hug though. It WAS pretty sweet. Do you think Shawn and Sabrina would make a cute couple? Let me know in the comment section below

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