Camila Cabello BEAT Britney Spears for the Fast 8 Song, "Hey Ma"

HollyscoopPublished: March 7, 20174 views
Published: March 7, 2017

Camila Cabello is the feisty female voice in the new song Hey Ma with J Balvin for the new Fast and furious movie, but uh oh! Camilla was actually never intended for that song - and she beat out an industry legend on the track. Turns out Camila was not Pitbull’s first choice for the song, and neither was J Balvin - He originally wrote Hey Ma for Britney Spears and Romeo Santos. Pitbull explained how Camila ended up on the track in a recent interview with Funny story behind that, he said. At first it was me and Romeo Santos, Britney Spears was on the record. The fast and furious team ends up loving the record. And THEY brought on board J Balvin and Camila cabello. So it’s been an interesting journey. Wow, so Camila bested Britney. I wonder how well brit took that news. Well, Pitbull said there’s no hard feelings between the two stars. Whew! I was worried! Britney was a great sport, the singer said. She’s been in the business for years. She said, don’t even worry about that. We’ll use it for the remix or we’ll do another record together.” Ok, Ok, I’d be down for that. You’ll remember Brit and Pit have collaborated before. Pitbull and Britney recorded the hit song On the Floor back in 2013 that was extra steamy! So yea, another collab from these two would be awesome. However, If you’re a Britney fans who’s super bummed she wasn’t on the official Hey Ma track, don’t get too upset. Pitbull did tease that Britney might be back! You never know, he said. There might be a remix with Romeo and Britney in the future. But it was an honor to be able to work with Britney. Hey, you know what would be even better? If Camilla was involved in the remix too! Right? Britney and Camila together?? Um yes! Either way, we’re pretty happy Camila was on the track, and she was too. She excitedly Instagram'd the full Fate of the furious album tracks, which of course featured Hey Ma. Vroom Vroom she wrote in the caption. Ok so you need to let me know if Camila or Britney was the better fit for the song, and who wants to see them collaborate? Let me know down below!

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