Backyard Tire Swing Entices Playful Moose

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Published: March 6, 2017

A moose was spotted in Colorado playing with a tire swing. It used its antlers to nudge the tire around. As the tire swung around, the moose chased after it and bumped it with its antlers. Hilarious!

John Woods lives in a house with a huge open backyard full of old trees that provide cool shade in the summer. Fortunately, branches were sturdy enough to hold a tire swing for his kids. When his kids grew up, they didn’t use the old tire swing in the backyard, but John was too sentimental about the old thing to take it down. Good thing too, because John’s backyard gets visited by a very unusual guest far too often.

John captured video of a curious moose playing with the tire swing hanging from a tree in his backyard. The massive animal is seen playing with the tire and seems to be having a great time!

John Woods posted a video to Facebook showing the moose playing with the swing in his backyard, located in the wooded area of Black Forest. The moose investigates the tire swing before using its face to push and spin it. He is playing like a little baby!

Woods said that the moose, which he nicknamed "Momma Moose," has been visiting his yard for the past two years on regular basis!

Each day John Woods is paid a visit by an adult female moose at his home in the Black Forest area of Colorado, where that tire swing offers light entertainment and a fish fountain some cool refreshments. Nicknamed “Momma Moose”, Woods said she has been visiting his home for over two years around the same time each morning and described her as “sweet” and “very curious.”

This footage was recorded on March 3 and shows the playful moose going at the tire swing in his backyard. What an unexpected way to lure a wild animal!

We can only imagine the Colorado native, sitting on the porch of his house, in a fuzzy bathrobe, drinking his coffee in a mug that says “Best Dad Ever” and recording the moose with his phone. Talk about the American dream!

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