Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Accept iHeartRadio Best Music Video Award for 'Pillowtalk' Together

HollyscoopPublished: March 6, 20176 views
Published: March 6, 2017

Alright, it’s official, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are the cutest Hollywood couple right now! The couple went in on a joint ‘Thank you’ video to accept Zayn’s iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Music Video Award for his music video, “Pillow Talk.” The sexy music video stars both Gigi and Zayn and it’s steamy to say the least. The chemistry and sexual tension between the two in the music video is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and I absolutely loved it! It gave me real relationship envy and also relationship goals to strive for! Zayn couldn’t be in LA to attend the actual award show because he is over in Paris supporting his lover while she walks every runway imaginable for Paris Fashion Week! In a video posted to his Twitter account Zayn and Gigi are out to dinner and take time to say thank you to his fans! “Everyone that voted, thanks a lot. It means a lot to me. And my co-star is actually sat here next to me, so she’s going to say hi.” Gigi and Zayn have been going strong now for nearly a year and at first, I wasn’t sure if this would be a quick fling or long-winded relationship! Clearly, they’re making history when it comes to young Hollywood couples dating for longer than 5 months! During an interview back in September, Gigi said she and Zayn really get along well because they share a lot of the same interests outside of their career and the limelight, a bit of a shot at her ex, Joe Jonas and Zayn’s ex, Perrie Edwards! Then reports came out in August that the model had moved into her boo-thangs house so they don’t have to spend a minute a part from each other! And now, well they clearly follow each other wherever the other one goes. Is it safe to say they’ll be heading down the aisle within the year?!?! I’m not sure about all that business, but I do know they’re an insanely cute couple who are clearly head over heels in love! So, now I want to hear what you think about Zayn including Gigi in his iHeartRadio music Awards acceptance speech. Was it cute or too sappy? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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