Emma Watson Fans ANGRY Over Topless Vanity Fair Photos

HollyscoopPublished: March 6, 201757 views
Published: March 6, 2017

We’ve got another controversy on our hands and this time we are dealing with Emma Watson’s breasts!! Yes, people are freaking out over the Beauty and the Beast star’s recent photoshoot with Vanity Fair where she poses topless; however, she doesn’t show all of her goods, just the inner and underboob! Here is the photo that has got people up in arms and demanding she hand over her feminism card. Emma is known for not only her movies but for being a huge advocate and poster child for feminism. A British radio host went off on Emma’s photoshoot tweeting the picture out with the caption: “Emma Watson: Feminism, feminism, gender wage gap. Why oh why am I not taken seriously feminism..oh and here are my tits!” Her sarcasm was out to play in a big way!!! Some of her fans agreed with the radio host and threw shade Emma’s way saying that she was being a hypocrite when it came to her being a so called feminist. “Emma Watson said Beyonces feminism is for the male gaze and now I’m seeing her titties in a magazine. I love how consistent white women are.” User Giles Coren was very brutal in his reaction to Emma’s picture saying: “That dim witted, attention seeking hoyden doesn’t give just feminists a bad name, she gives the human race a bad name!” And you know how Emma responded to the hatred… well any way an intellectutal feminist does! Saying feminism is about giving women choice, it’s not a stick to hit other women with. “It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s not, it’s about equality, I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it! It’s really confusing.” And of course she had an army of fans who were there to defend and support her! But I want to hear what you think about this “topless” photoshoot controversy! Is Emma Watson a hypocrite for posing topless and saying she’s a feminist, or did she make a valid point about feminism meaning women have a choice? Let your opinion be heard in that comment section below!

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