Snow Is No Match For This Cat's Quick Reflexes

StoryfulPublished: March 6, 201742,358 views
Published: March 6, 2017

Meet this fluffy cat, called Nala, who absolutely loves winter and enjoys playing in the snow. In this clip, the cute cat shows off her quick reflexes by playing snow ball catch with her owner.
Cats are known for having exceptional reflexes which are a product of their biology. Cats were built to be flexible creatures and have many things about their physiology that help them maintain their balance that is not present is other creatures.

Even if your cat never steps foot outdoors, you've probably noticed how quickly he makes work of any insects or other small prey he finds in the house. Those quick reflexes allow outdoor cats to easily dispatch rodents and birds. Other feline reflexes almost guarantee he'll land on his feet.

Cats are obligate carnivores and they must eat meat. In the heart of your sweet, purring little friend dwells a natural-born killer. Their hunting reflexes are spectacularly fast, so they can catch prey and tear their victims apart. If you do keep cats outside, you might know what efficient killers they are if your pets frequently bring you "presents" attesting to their hunting prowess. Playing laser tag or other hunting-type games with housecats can give you an appreciation of the deadly accuracy of feline reflexes.

Luckily this owner filmed the video in slow motion, presenting us with the possibility to observe in detail the quick reflexes of Nala, as snow is thrown at her direction! She cannot be tricked and nails every single snowflake ! Amazing!

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