Week-Old Baby Bat Loves a Scratch

StoryfulPublished: March 5, 201747 views
Published: March 5, 2017

A week-old fishing bat made its feelings very clear when it received a soothing scratch from Wahroonga wildlife carer Sarah Curran on March 4. It had been rescued and brought into Curran’s care weighing just three grams. “His chances of being found were slim … eyes fused closed, totally furless and unable to regulate body temperature,” Curran told Storyful. “Now he is a week old, and has begun to sprout his first puffs of hair and is becoming more interactive by the day. He will be in care for several weeks, being fed a specialised milk recipe, round the clock until he is old enough to have small amounts of insects and aquatic food gradually introduced. “His chances of survival are still guarded as they are a species particularly vulnerable to stress – much more so than any other insectivorous bat! Fingers crossed for my little fisherman who is all ears, feet and handsome.”

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