Adorable Chihuahua Puppies Playing With An Adult Maltese Dog

HansendePublished: March 5, 2017Updated: March 7, 201721 views
Published: March 5, 2017Updated: March 7, 2017

This is what happens when you put three adorable Chihuahua puppies in the same cage with an adult Maltese dog. Footage shows the cute interaction between the Chihuahua puppies and the Maltese dog named Muffin. Cuteness overload!

It is a fact that there is no ball thrown too far, no rope tugged too hard, and no wrestling match they cannot be won, when dogs engage in play mode. But sometimes dogs can party pretty rough, making all sorts of grunts and growls which may sound like signs of aggression, but are actually all part of the game.

In the first footage we see the three Chihuahua puppies playing in their cage while the Maltese dog is spotted standing by the window, watching from above. We cannot help but wonder what urged this huge canine to climb the window frame? Was it the naughty rascals? Were they trying to pick a fight and annoyed the adult dog so much that he had to get away from their sight?

That is probably not the case because in the next footage we can see the Maltese pup sniffing the little puppies and engaging into play. This unique friendship looks weird at first sight, but moments later we see that these four dogs share a special bond and get along just fine.

Dogs communicate through barks and growls, so interpreting the meaning of dog’s signals can be pretty challenging. A bark or a growl could just be their way of trying to get your attention or initiate play. Judging by the way these puppies move and behave, we can most definitely conclude that there is no hostile behavior on the horizon!

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