Guy Has A Two Headed Snake Wrapped Around His Hands

prehistoricpetstvPublished: March 4, 2017Updated: March 7, 20179,578 views
Published: March 4, 2017Updated: March 7, 2017

We've always been taught to stay away from dangerous and scary animals, as if we wouldn't have in the first place. However, there is always people that will find a reason to not only be close to them, but to work with them on daily bases. For some reason these people find them interesting and even fun to be with. As for the rest of us, we can just observe from afar.

Here we have some guy that is a little to excited about working with snakes. He just appears on the camera, with the worlds enthusiasm and puts his hands right into the camera showing off several couple of snakes. Now, let alone that snakes are scary and dangerous, he has not only one but three or four that are wrapped around his hands.

Not only that, but one of his snakes has something extra special. One of his snakes in fact has more than one head. As if they weren't gross enough to begin with, now its double the scary and double the gross for one of those creatures.

As he pulls them close to the camera he points out that something isn't right with one of them and completely lets you figure out what it is he is talking about. It will not take you more than three seconds to realize that one of the snakes has not one, but two heads.


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