Ed Sheeran SPILLS the Tea on Taylor Swift's New Album Release Date!

HollyscoopPublished: March 2, 201710 views
Published: March 2, 2017

Holy Santa Clause SHHHH Taylor Swift is coming out with new music!!! A very close and very reliable source revealed that his bestie Taylor Swift will most likely be releasing new music… but when?? How long will we have to wait and agonize over it?? Well let’s figure out who this reliable source is, because you can never be to sure. What is British, has red hair, sings like a damn bird, and can make any girl weak in the knees?? Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly” NOOO you guys, not Ron Weasley!! I’m talking about Ed Sheeran!! And you know this news is believable because he and T-Swift have been friends for ages and he would never spread a rumor about her like that! During an interview with the BBC Ed was talking about his new music and how lucky he was that there was no serious competition. The Weeknd, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, (who knew he was so intimidated by them) all released music last year, so Ed is in the clear when it comes to people focusing solely on his new stuff! When it came to Taylor and her new music, Ed said, “Taylor isn’t going to be releasing until probably end of this year —— Christmas is the smartest time to release because that’s when everyone is buying records, so I’ve got a full year of Ed, all the time.” This year “I don’t want to live forever” was released which starred Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik on the vocals for the hit song featured in “50 Shades Darker.” Within days the song hit #1 on the iTunes charts and right now it sits at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100! So, you can only imagine how insane people will go once she DOES actually release a new album. I’m excited for her new music, because there’s definitely going to be songs about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, but more important to me is the music videos that accompany these songs!! Can anything really top her ‘Blank Space’ music video….sound off in the comments below, are you excited Ed Sheeran spilled the beans about Taylor’s new music, what do you think her new album will be like? Let me know!

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