Kendall Jenner is READY to Take Relationship with ASAP Rocky to the Next Level

HollyscoopPublished: March 2, 20174 views
Published: March 2, 2017

Kendall Jenner and ASAP Rocky Getting SERIOUS You guys, it’s been long enough since one Kardashian has been single and now that might all change! Can you guess who I’m talking about? So we know, Kim is with Kanye, Kylie with Tyga, Khloe with that basketball player, Kris with Corey, Kourtney kinda with Scott, Rob with… oh yea touchy subject, and Kendall with no one at the moment!! Well if you guessed Kendall Jenner is ready for a boyfriend you guessed right! The model, who has been absolutely killing it on every runway imaginable, is finally speaking out about her dating life. Kenny, as her family likes to call her, said she is open to dating rapper ASAP Rocky!! Now to some of us this may seem like it’s been a relationship in the making for a long time, but to the rest of us, me included, this is some awesome juicy news!! The two have been spotted together over the past couple of months and things seemed to be getting pretty hot and steamy between them in January. They were spotted in Paris together for a fashion event naturally, and while at a club they were supposedly bumpin’ and gridnin’ all over each other. They also were spotted in Malibu together in December, NYC for a concert and Miami! Kendall’s last very public relationship was with One-Directioner Harry Styles, so she’s keeping her men in the musically inclined family; however, there was the brief period of time where she was reportedly dating Lakers player Jordan Clarkson! I wonder if ASAP sings sweet nothings into her ear at the end of a long day, or over the phone??? HMMM. Wouldn’t that be nice! A source close to the 21-year- old model, like a good friend, which IDK how much of a good friend that is if they’re revealing dirt on her, but anyways this source revealed that the two have been spending more and more time together as of late and that she is OPEN to seeing where the relationship goes. The source said, “Kendall’s still not exclusive with anyone, but she’s definitely been showing more interest in A$AP.” Ummm all in favor of Kendall dating ASAP say ‘I.’ MAYBE?? I love Kendall’s independence and amazing work ethic, and I would hate to see it fall a part if a relationship got in the way. I’m not saying ASAP would cause that or any guy for that matter, but we all know relationships can consume you and be put in front of other priorities like work, school, etc. What do you think about Kendall and ASAP possibly taking their relationship to the next level? Let me know in the comments below!

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